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Exciting New Opportunity: Apply to be a “Turn it Up!” Speaker


Do you have a story to tell? Apply today to be a part of our “Turn it Up: Stories of People with Disabilities” special! 

What is “Turn it Up: Stories of People with Disabilities”?

The Nebraska Association of Service Providers is working with Nebraska Educational Television to create a storytelling television special for people with developmental disabilities.

Who is this project for? 

This opportunity is for:
– People with developmental disabilities only.
– It is okay if you want to tell your story yourself or tell your story with a staff member, friend, or another person.
– All kinds of people and stories are welcome, including people who have difficulty talking, use a communication device, or communicate with help.
– We encourage all kinds of people with all kinds of stories to tell to apply, including people with diverse ethnic, gender, religious, or other backgrounds.

How do I apply to be a storyteller? What do I need to do? 

  1. To apply, fill out this form by July 15, 2019.  The form will ask you for your contact information and to write three paragraphs about the story you want to tell:
  2. Storytellers chosen will be asked to attend coaching sessions and the television taping in the fall. 
  3. You will need to sign a form saying that it is okay for us to use your story on television.

What if I have other questions?  

Email or call Kate at or (402) 802-8312.


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NASP is a statewide membership association of community organizations who provide supports to people with disabilities. NASP supports organizations that serve thousands of individuals across the state of Nebraska. NASP members provide habilitative services, residential care, employment services, and more.