NASP (Nebraska Association of Service Providers)


Lincoln, NE

The Vision of Companion Linc is to provide a genuine human service to Companions that will produce service outcomes that will ultimately have a positive impact on the system of DD Services.

The Service Philosophy of Companion Linc is based in the belief that the best quality of services begins with genuine relationships between the individuals in services and the people who support them. Companion Linc is striving to replace institutional thinking, language and structures; and deliver its services through natural supports, in natural settings.

The Mission of Companion Linc is to empower individuals in their lives. This simply means that we support individuals we serve to be who they are, go where they want to go, and live and work with whom they choose.

NASP is a statewide membership association of community organizations who provide supports to people with disabilities. NASP supports organizations that serve thousands of individuals across the state of Nebraska. NASP members provide habilitative services, residential care, employment services, and more.