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New Rules about Home and Community Based Services


New Rules: Information for Individuals and their Friends, Family and Supporters

New rules from the federal government are going into place in Nebraska that promote choice, participation, and independence for individuals with disabilities. The rules apply to home and work and how decisions are made and will have an impact on people’s lives. This information is provided by the Nebraska Association of Service Providers to inform individuals and their families about changes and opportunities.  Additional information will be added as it becomes available. 

Nebraska-Specific Information 

A brief introduction to the new rule:  Transition Plan One Pager

A memo regarding the new rule: Transition Plan Memo

Draft of the Transition Plan for Public Comment: Nebraska Statewide Transition Plan_Draft for Public Comment

The Division of Developmental Disabilities homepage where announcements will be made:

National Level Information 

A power point summary of the new rules from the Center for Medicaid and Medicare Services, the federal agency that is overseeing the change:

The final rule and other information from the Center for Medicaid and Medicare Services:

National level information and resources about home and community based services changes nationwide: 

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