NASP (Nebraska Association of Service Providers)

Hireability Resources Now Available!


Are you looking for innovative solutions to your workforce needs?  Do are you open to new ideas and experiences?  Our “Hireabilty” materials are for you!  Individuals with disabilities may not be a talent pool you have considered before, even though there are many success stories!  Review our materials for information and resources for hiring individuals with disabilities, including recruitment, advice, access to tax credits, and more.

Hireability Introductory Video:

Employer Power Point: Hireability PPT

Hireability Guide: 05606 Employer Guide_Rd4 (1)


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NASP is a statewide membership association of community organizations who provide supports to people with disabilities. NASP supports organizations that serve thousands of individuals across the state of Nebraska. NASP members provide habilitative services, residential care, employment services, and more.