NASP (Nebraska Association of Service Providers)

Brain Injury Services Toolkit Now Available!


With support from VR Nebraska, NASP has compiled materials for service providers to use in serving individuals with brain injury.  See what we have to offer today!

NEW! Brain Injury Training Materials

Thank you to Nebraska Vocational Rehabilitation for their support in providing additional training from Brown&Woodard, Certified Brain Injury Specialist Trainers.

Training Part 1: Day One

Training Part 2: NE Day Two Slides (Handout)


Brain Injury Services Materials 

Brain Injury Services and Intervention Training: TBI – Full

Brain Injury Services Resources: TBI Resources

The Ohio Brain Injury Screening Tool: Ohio State Screener

The Alaska Brain Injury Screening Tool:  Alaska Screening Tool (3)

Brain Injury Support Group Listing: 2016 BI Support Group Listing

Aged and Disabled Waiver Materials 

Aged and Disabled Waiver Opportunities: REVISED Aged and Disabled Waiver

Aged and Disable Waiver Memo: MEMO Aged and Disabled Waiver

Service Coordinator Contacts: Leagues & AAA.Contact.Updated (1)

Aged and Disabled Waiver Forms:

Independent Skills Building Handbook: Independent Skills Provider Handbook

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