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Now Available: “Strength in Caring” Report!


Strength in Caring Report Released!

The Nebraska Association of Service Providers, with input and assistance from advocates, self-advocates, providers, direct support professionals, and family members has released a report entitled “Strength in Caring.”  The report outlines strengths, challenges, and strategies in recruiting and retaining a high quality direct support workforce.

Direct support professionals are highly valued and play a key role in employment and education for individuals across Nebraska.  The report outlines challenges facing these professionals and advocates for increased wages and other initiatives for direct support professionals.

Read the full report here! strength-in-caring

Individual memos are also available:

Best Practices in Workforce Recruitment and Retention Summary: correct workforce best practices memo

Workforce Data Summary: correct workforce data memo

Focus Group Summary: fact-sheet_focus_group_outcomes



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NASP is a statewide membership association of community organizations who provide supports to people with disabilities. NASP supports organizations that serve thousands of individuals across the state of Nebraska. NASP members provide habilitative services, residential care, employment services, and more.