NASP (Nebraska Association of Service Providers)

March 1, 2019 NASP Birthday Our Way—Thank You!

Thank you to all NASP member agencies, direct service providers, family members, stakeholders, and participants who took part in the March 1, Birthday Our Way event at the Nebraska State Capitol.  We had a great attendance, learned new things, and met with State Senators to discuss important issues related to Development Disabilities.  A special thank you to Taylor Wilson and Jeramie Beahm as their remarks truly made the day!  Another thank you to State Senators Walz, Hilkeman, Murman and Gragert for taking the time to stand with NASP and be part of the Legislative Resolution signing.  The day was awesome and you all did a great job!  Thank you.

NASP is a statewide membership association of community organizations who provide supports to people with disabilities. NASP supports organizations that serve thousands of individuals across the state of Nebraska. NASP members provide habilitative services, residential care, employment services, and more.